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PRCA Ladies Committee

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We are excited to introduce a special initiative within our organization – the PRCA Ladies' Group. This group has been formed with an aim to amplify the voices, experiences, and perspectives of the women in our community.

Recognizing that women, particularly mothers, often form the backbone of our families and play a significant role in shaping the educational and moral landscape for our children, this group serves as a dedicated platform for them to connect, share, and advocate.

The PRCA Ladies' Group will not only serve as a supportive community for women but also as a space for informed discussions around the challenges they face in safeguarding parental rights. The group aims to provide guidance, resources, and strategies for these women to empower themselves and stand up for their families.

It is our hope that the Ladies' Group will contribute significantly to the PRCA’s mission, influencing policies and promoting awareness around our core principles and beliefs.

We invite all interested women to join this dynamic group. Your unique perspectives and experiences can bring about positive changes that will safeguard our children's futures and uphold our rights as parents.


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  • June 13, 2023


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