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Our Objectives

What We Work Towards

Megaphone Protestor


Advocate for Parental Rights


Promote Respectful Education


Raise Awareness



Engage with Stakeholders


Foster Unity and Collaboration


Empower Families


Champion Inclusivity

Action Plans

The Plans We're Working On

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Social Media Plan

Increase awareness of the PRCA's mission and objectives, engage with the community, and grow the committee's membership using various social media platforms

Member Acquisition plan

Reach 50,000 members and obtain at least 25,000 signatories in support of the PRCA's mission and objectives

Political Action Plan

Engage with local MPs and all levels of government to enforce the PRCA's presence and mission, utilizing member numbers to leverage the threat of lost votes for parties that do not support the PRCA's objectives

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Department of Education action Plan

Engage with school teachers, principals, and the Department of Education, ensuring that parents' voices are heard and their concerns regarding parental rights and religious freedom in education are addressed

Material Handling Plan

Procedure for Addressing Material Contradicting a Child's Faith or Parental Rights Approval

Unresolved Matters

Provide support and guidance to parents and guardians in cases where concerns about material contradicting a child's faith or parental rights approval have not been resolved through the outlined procedure


Womens Sub-Committee

Establish a women's sub-committee within the PRCA that focuses on the unique concerns and perspectives of mothers and female guardians, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are addressed in the pursuit of parental rights and religious freedom in education

Religious leaders

Establish a Religious Leader Communication Board (RLCB) that collaborates with religious and community leaders in order to educate and disseminate information about parental rights and religious freedom in education to their respective communities

Group Collaboration

Build partnerships with other organizations and groups that share a similar purpose or can assist in growing the PRCA, leveraging each party's strengths to maximize efficiency and minimize duplication of efforts

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Opposing Organisations

Engage with organizations or individuals who may not agree with the PRCA's vision in a respectful and constructive manner, emphasizing the committee's commitment to protecting families and safeguarding parental rights while maintaining a balance between protection and potential abuse

Government Submission Policy

Effectively advocate for the protection of parental rights and religious freedom in education by engaging with government policymakers through the submission of well-researched, persuasive policy proposals

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