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Dear School Principal,

I, (INSERT NAME), parent of (INSERT CHILD NAME), am concerned about the potential

exposure of my child to sexual or sexualized content in the school curriculum or activities. Such

content conflicts with our cultural and religious beliefs. I request that my child not be involved in

any topics related to sexual health, sexuality, sexual orientation, or LGBTQIA+ content. I want to

bring your attention to the guidelines from the NSW Department of Education, emphasizing

parental notification and the right to withdraw from sensitive sessions.

I have the following requests:

- Withdraw my child from any program or subject related to the mentioned topics.

- Prohibit educators from discussing private areas or puberty with my child as I have precedence

in educating them on these matters.

- Disallow educators from promoting sexual activity or interfering in sexuality exploration.

- Forbid the display of videos, books, or discussions related to sex, sexuality, or sexual


- Exclude my child from activities associated with sex and sexuality, such as making rainbow

flags or participating in pride-related events.

- Do not involve my child in festivals, celebrations, or competitions related to

sexuality/LGBTQIA+ themes.

- Inform parents about the curriculum content, particularly in sexual health and sexuality, at the

beginning of the academic year for reasonable notice.

I appreciate your cooperation and request an acknowledgement of my concerns, an outline of

the school's policies, and assurance that my child will have the right to withdraw from such

lessons or activities, with reasonable alternative learning that respects their dignity. Please

communicate with me via email or letter.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,


Anish Lal


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